Silica Gel Packets

One of the most common types of desiccants is the silica gel packets. Silica gel is a high porous form of silica which is made from sodium silicate. Although called as a “gel”, it is actually in solid state.

Desiccant silica gel can absorb water making it very useful as a drying agent. After absorbing enough moisture and water, it may be regenerated by heating it in a microwave oven or letting them stand under the direct heat of the sun for a whole day.

Silica Gel Packets

These desiccant packets are usually used for preserving the quality of an object inside an enclosed package. Letting an object be kept ignoring the changes in humidity and presence of moisture inside the package will gradually damage the object enclosed inside a box.

The first use of silica gel packets is mentioned to be in World War II to keep the penicillin dry; this proved that it is a great drying agent. It can also be used as air freshener, is effective in absorbing bad odors and gradually will eject fragrance all over the place.

Important documents and belongings that should be dry all the time can be stored safely having desiccant silica gel inside the storage bins and other storage areas as it prevents the moisture and condensation.

Camera lenses are very prone on getting moisture when there is a change in temperature. Silica desiccant can absorb the moisture present on the lenses of the camera. As digital cameras need more attention because of their delicate structure, putting some silica gel would be a great help for a longer lens life.

Guns and ammo should also have protection against moisture. It is advisable to put silica gel packets on their storage. Thees will absorb the moisture present inside the storage. Moisture on guns and ammo will create rust and loss its reliability.

Indicating Silica Gel

Cell phones are very valuable to almost all of its users. Generating moisture inside a cell phone unit will gradually slow its original performance or worse, may make it a total wreck. Putting silica gel on the unit may lessen this to occur. It is an effective moisture-absorber and may save your unit from crash.

Silica gel packets can be reused many times. An indicator is now available in the market to know if they should undergo regeneration process. Aside from putting it into the microwave oven or heating it under the sun, there is variety of desiccant silica gel canisters. It is said that when the indicator turns from blue into pink, the silica gel packets should be regenerated.

Using silica gel packets is the cheapest way to protect our belongings from damage caused of moisture. It may be considered as one of the important breakthroughs in science, though also considered as “low-tech”, using silica gel is the most effective way of keeping our things fresh and dry.


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