Activated Carbon

Activated Charcoal

I’m sure almost all of you are familiar with charcoal, especially the barbecue fans. But why am I talking about charcoal on a website about desiccant packs? Well, activated charcoal, or activated carbon, is different from the briquettes you’ll find in your barbeque pit in two ways, firstly because it went through an activation process, and secondly by not being impregnated with fossil fuels that are poisonous.

Activated Charcoal Uses

Charcoal’s surface area is dramatically increased during the activation process creating a network of tiny pores which adds the superior absorbing ability. One teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of a football field, making it a great for many uses. It has the ability to absorb toxins from our bodies, combat drug overdose, treat open wounds, absorb pollutants and allergens or unpleasant scents. Activated charcoal is also used in agriculture, it neutralizes plant poisons, decontaminates toxic soils and chemical spills or as a natural fertilizer and sweetener, improving the soil’s quality.

Activated Charcoal Tablets

Activated charcoal possesses unique medicinal qualities, being used from birth to ease the discomfort of infections and colic, relieve hiccups, threat diarrhea, soothe stomach upset or as a dietary supplement helping baby’s digestive system to adjust to new foods or threat accidental poisoning. As the child grows, activated charcoal tablets can be used to treat open wounds, abrasions, spider/bees/ants and scorpion bites, food poisoning or vomiting. Altogether, medical activated charcoal uses can also be poison treating and detoxification agent. It treats drug overdose, gas and flatulence, diabetic ulcers, surgical infections, heartburns, bowel diseases, helpful in controlling inflammation of the prostate gland, indigestion. Charcoal pills will also relief the pain from sore throat, gout, earache, irritated eyes, toothache, inflammations or sprains.

Because of the incredible absorption ability, activated charcoal is a great choice for water and air filters. If used properly, carbon filters will clean the air and water effectively by binding pollutants electrostatically to its huge surface area.

We strive to live in a chemical-free environment but is not easy. From every home, big quantities of contaminants are disposed everyday making carbon filters a necessity.

Activated Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon air filters treat all the different types of pollutants which contribute to poor indoor air quality. Clean air has a great importance for maintaining good health as chemicals are the main threat to human health since the industrial revolutions. Human bodies have some defense against bacteria and viruses particles but none against gases, odors and airborne chemicals. An activated carbon air filters can store 60% of its own weight of odors and gases.

Gases and odors from airborne chemicals, solvents, plastic fumes, printer emissions, cigarette smoke, mold toxins, paint fumes, cleaners, insulation material, furniture glues and carpet odors, molds, bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants as well as tobacco smoke all can be absorbed by activated carbon filters making them the best option in air filters.

Granular activated carbon is recommended for water purification in fish aquariums, lobster tanks, fish bait tanks and fish ponds. It filters out harmful elements from water such as chlorine, copper, carbohydrates and other dissolvent organic materials. Activated carbon filters also take out antibiotics, drugs and other medications from water. It also has an even more benefic ability, filtering out unwanted color and pigments, leaving the water in your fish aquarium as in a tropical reef.

Activated charcoal is a great desiccant, air purifier, soil decontaminator and all-age medicinal home remedy. Hope the information in this article helped you understand better the benefits of activated carbon and its multiple uses.


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